About Us
SHINEHEAT TECH (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. is a heat exchanger comprehensive designer, manufacturer and servicer. Founded in 2008 in Shanghai, Marketing as brand name of “SHINEHEAT”, We export to Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, South America nearly 23 countries, and have designed, produced, and installed heat exchangers for GE ENERGY, VEOLIA, SIDEM, PRAXAIR, PETRA, BHEL many other Fortune 500 companies and large facilities.
  • HESSA Manufacturing

    Provisioning Heat Transfer Equipment by Liquid with Liquid, Powder with Liquid, Air with Liquid, We develop completed portfolio production, Plate and Gasket Heat Exchangers, All Welded Frame Heat Exchanger, Semi-Welded Heat Exchanger, Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger, Brazed Heat Exchanger, Spiral Heat Exchanger, Plate Evaporators and Condensers, Powder Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler.

    HESSA Engineering

    1.Application Engineering 2. Structure Engineering 3.Welding Engineering

    HESSA Quality Control

    1. All SHINEHEAT equipment complies with ASME global product standards and we have obtained ISO quality certificate ISO9001: 2000, ISO environmental quality certificate ISO14001: 2004, and occupational health and safety certificate OHSAS18001: 1999.
    2. We also manufacture equipment consistent with ASME, PED, API, JIS, IEC, DNV, BV, CCS, GB, and other international codes and standards.

    HESSA Global Service

    Now HESSA members now is fast growing, now the territories expand to 7 countries, who delicate on build service networks on global basis.